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OCAAHS TalkSacred Sites in Orange: Church and Home Place Burial Sites

with James Bruce Monroe, III and Matthew Reeves

Images from left to right, Westview Cemetery, Orange, Blue Run Baptist Church Cemetery and Blue Run Baptist Church, Barboursville, Va 

April 8, 2024, 5:00PM Virtual Zoom Meeting

A Viewing Party will Be held at Orange Train Station (For Community Members That Prefer not to view at Home)

The Orange County African Historical Society invites you to a Town Hall zoom meeting where the OCAAHS President Bruce Monroe and OCAAHS Secretary Matthew Reeves will discuss their research on cemeteries and burial ground sites across Orange County. Bruce Monroe will present on his study of cemeteries at Black churches in Orange County including how the stone can tell the story of African Americans and genealogy. Matthew Reeves will present on how home place burial grounds (often unmarked) can be identified and the work the Montpelier Archaeology Department is conducting to determine the extent of the burial sites at the Montpelier Burial Ground of the Enslaved. This presentation is part of the OCAAHS’s mission to preserve African American history in the county for future generations.

The event will be held over zoom and there will also be a viewing party at the Orange Train Station meeting room.

Images left to right, Jacksontown Cemetery with periwinkle in area of grave depressions, George Long (late) at his Grandmother White's gravesite, Gilmore Family Cemetery.

Questions or want more details? Please e-mail Matt Reeves, Secretary for Orange County African American Historical Society,


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