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The Orange County African American Historical Society


The Orange County African American Historical Society was founded in February 2000 with the mission to explore African American contributions to the cultural and historical heritage of Orange County, Virginia. The Society seeks to enhance and promote awareness of the accomplishments and contributions of people of African descent as organic and essential components of our community, and our nation, at large. Toward those ends, we endeavor to identify, research and preserve African American legacies, lore, and historical sites.

The Society works in close cooperation with the Orange County Historical Society, and we are grateful to that organization for sharing their facilities.

Chicken Ladies of Gordonsville

“Chicken Ladies” of Gordonsville serving chicken to rail passengers in the 1880s. This tradition of fried chicken has led to an entire restaurant industry in Orange.

Capt. Andrew Maples

Unveiling of portrait of Tuskegee Airman Capt. Andrew Maples at the Orange County Courthouse.

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