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Our ANNUAL BANQUET is a time to bring together family, friends and community members to celebrate the ECLIPSE AWARDS. This award is given to members of the Orange County community who have demonstrated a lifetime commitment to the advancement of the African American community. In 2020, we added a Youth Eclipse Award category to recognize emerging community leaders.

Fifth Annual OCAAHS Eclipse Awards

OCAAHS launched the Eclipse Award program five years ago to honor those who have consistently gone above and beyond in raising awareness of Orange County’s African American people and history. In 2020, the Society created a separate category for youth. The Eclipse Youth Award includes a small scholarship and recognizes young people who have demonstrated through their volunteerism, leadership, and other activities a commitment to raise awareness of Orange County’s African American people and history. With gratitude for their presence in our community, we present to you the Class of 2022 Eclipse Award recipients.


We will celebrate them in person at our annual meeting on February 12, 2023.


2022 Eclipse Award recipients, in alpha order: Donea Brooks (Youth), Rebecca Gilmore Coleman, Jane Ware Johnson, Flossie Jones, Anthony Owens (Youth) and Jeff Poole.

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