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Mt. Sinai [Baptist] Solid Rock Church of Christ, Rhoadesville, Virginia

History of Mt. Sinai [Baptist] Solid Rock Church of Christ

26389 Constitution Highway

Rhoadesville, Virginia

November 2011

Mt. Sinai Baptist Church was built in 1870 and remodeled in 1941.

Pastors: Reverends William Jackson, R. F. Bowles, Fergerson, Elmore Jones, William Rudd, Evelyn Thurston, Kenneth Williams, and Elder Linwood Sawyer

Clerks: Sisters Annie Scarver, Fannie Porter, Anna Carter, Sara Burns-Jones, and Mary E. Carter

Deacons: Herman Jackson, Robert Porter, Charles Dean, Randolph McIntosh, John Thurston, Jasper Carter, Wilmore Coleman, Roger Woolfork, Jose Brown

Families of Mt. Sinai: Burrell, Carter, Comfort, Dean, Ellis, Gipson, Gray, Green, Humphrey, Johnson, Lucas, McIntosh, Poindexter, Porter, Rivas, Simpson, Strother, Thomas, Thurston, Tibbs, Towns, Turner, Waddy

The church’s name was changed to Mt. Sinai Solid Rock Church in August 2000.

*cemetery on church premises

Contributed by Mary E. Carter and Anna Carter


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