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Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church, Orange, Virginia

21227 Lahore Road

Orange, Virginia 22960

In the year 1868, the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church had its beginning with the following founders: George Chandler, Willis Chandler, Abson Gallaway, Jennie Graves, Elijah James, Minor Lindsay, Reuben Mansfield, Armstead White and others.

The first worship services were held under a brush arbor. After several months, Reverend Cornelius Johnson was called as pastor. Under Rev. Johnson’s leadership the first building was erected in 1870. Rev. Johnson served until his death. Rev. Daniel Cave was elected pastor after Rev. Johnson’s death. Under Rev. Cave’s leadership an addition was added to accommodate a growing and faithful congregation. Rev Cave resigned after fifteen years of service. He moved to Pennsylvania to pastor a church in Altoona, Pennsylvania. After Rev. Cave’s resignation, Rev. Carter of Richmond, Virginia, served as pastor for a short time. After Rev. Carter’s resignation, Rev. Adolphus Hobbs of Richmond, Virginia, was elected pastor. Under Rev. Hobb’s leadership a second addition was added to this building. In 1910, Rev. Hobbs resigned as pastor and Rev. Daniel Cave was re-elected as pastor.

After Rev. Cave’s re-election as pastor, certain members left Mt. Pleasant to form Bethel Baptist Church in Unionville, Virginia. Rev. Cave worked diligently with the remaining members and as the church’s membership began to grow, another addition was added to the present building. The church purchased its first organ and a choir was organized with Mrs. Magnolia White as organist. Mrs. White served faithfully until 1930. Mrs. Regina Terrell accepted the position of organist and remained the church organist until her death.

After twenty-nine years of service, Rev. Cave’s health began to fail and Rev. George Blakey was called to pastor the church. Rev. Blakey served for twenty years. Under Rev. Blakey’s leadership the church was remodeled on the inside and a piano was purchased.

Rev. William Bowman of Washington, DC, accepted the call to pastor after Rev. Blakey resigned. Under Rev. Bowman’s leadership, the dining room and bathrooms were added. Due to his failing health, Rev. Bowman retired and God sent Rev. Yancey Warren to pastor the church. Rev. Warren served faithfully until God called him to start his own church in Woodland Village, Maryland.

Rev. Gary Ingram of Washington, DC was called to pastor after Rev. Warren resigned. Rev. Ingram was pastor for six years before Rev. Frederick O. Jones was called to pastor the church. Under the leadership of Rev. Jones, the interior portion of the church was renovated, i.e., a new steeple, new pews, carpet, windows and a handicap ramp were added. The church’s membership began to grow and the church began its outreach missions. After six years of service, Pastor Jones resigned and the church was without a pastor for three years. During this time, the members continued to worship God and were blessed with a messenger to preach the Gospel every Sunday. And with the help of faithful members, the church acquired a new set of steps for the front of the building.

On January 3, 1999, Rev. Rippert Roberts, Jr. was called to Mt. Pleasant as Pastor-Elect. Rev. Roberts was ordained on May 8, 1999 at the Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Spotsylvania, Virginia, under the pastorate of Rev. Charles Wormley. While at Mt. Zion, Rev. Roberts served as an Associate Minister and Youth Minister. Rev. Roberts was installed as Pastor of the Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church on August 14, 1999. Under Rev. Roberts leadership, Mt. Pleasant provided toys and gifts to children in the community during the holiday season due to the partnership formed with the Toys for Tots organization. The church was blessed each summer with Vacation Bible School through the efforts of First Lady Roberts. Mt. Pleasant enjoyed being part of several outreach ministries and continued to flourish with the institution of a Women’s Fellowship, Men’s Ministry, Prayer Line, Couple’s Ministry, New Members’ classes, The Boys and Girls Club, and joint Bible study with Mt. Calvary Baptist Church in Orange, Virginia. The church was blessed with a paved parking lot, new church sign, vinyl siding, and new audio equipment. More important than the renovations to the church building is the tremendous spiritual growth that the Lord produced as demonstrated by lives changed because of the love of Jesus Christ. After the resignation of Rev. Roberts, Mt. Pleasant was in search of a new pastor.

God sent us Rev. Harold Arrington, Jr. He is the son of Main Uno Baptist Church, Madison, Virginia. Rev. Arrington was installed as pastor of Mt. Pleasant on February 28, 2009. Since his coming, Mt. Pleasant has truly been blessed by God through him. His ministry is of Love, Trust, Unity and Rebuilding.

In the short time that Rev. Arrington has been at Mt. Pleasant, he has performed a wedding, funeralized several members, ordained one Deacon and added new members by baptism, Christian experience and restoration. The choir stand has been rebuilt, the podium replaced, and our most prized blessing established is the new Fellowship Hall.

All Glory, Honor and Praises to our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

“Without A Vision, The People Perish”

*cemetery on church premises

Taken from Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church’s 142nd Anniversary Celebration Booklet, dated Oct. 24, 2010

Contributed by Daisy Humes


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