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Mt. Holy Baptist Church, Unionville, Virginia

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

History of Mt. Holy Baptist Church

24035 Church Hill Road

Unionville, Virginia

July 2011

Being led by God, in 1866 the Rev. J. J. Robinson of Loudon County and other faithful members organized Mt. Holy Baptist Church. The members were Judgefield Green, William Hopkins, Armstead Fortune, Newman Murphy, Jeremiah Washington, Emily Murphy, and Fannie Milton. These were the Founders of Mt. Holy. Having no building to worship in, they were permitted to meet in a log cabin about one and a half miles from the Hall Farm. For services, they worshiped there until 1871. Mr. Stern Coleman deeded those few members a half-acre of land on which the old Church use to stand. Between 1883 and 1884, the building was destroyed by a mysterious fire. In 1885, a second building was erected. Rev. Robinson was no longer the Pastor. In 1902-1912 the building was remodeled by Rev. A. Hobbs, by removing the gallery, extending the front and adding a vestibule. For 91 years, the congregation worshipped in that building where they carried on the work of the Lord to the best of their ability. During the 91 years in the old building, many people came to Christ. The church has had 145 years of service under the following pastors.

Past Pastors:

Rev. J. J. Robinson * Rev. S. P. Robinson* Dr. Westley J. Pitman*

Rev. Phillip Johnson * Rev. J. T. Crump* Rev. Frank Lewis

Rev. A. Hobbs * Rev. G. L. Davis* Rev. Everette Pierson

Rev. Woodson * Rev. D. L. Dudley* Rev. Robert Dyson


**cemetery on premises

Present Pastor:

Since 2002, under the leadership of Pastor Leon H. Easterling, he was instrumental in remodeling the church steeple and painting of the church. He organized the new member’s class and the Diaconate Board. The storage area was remodeled to become a finance room. Also, under his direction we have a new piano, pavilion, church bus, playground equipment and nursery for the children. Many members have grown in Christ. In 2011, we organized our youth choir, implemented a scholarship fund for your youth and began the first Vacation Bible School at Mt. Holy. Our church bus is now used every Sunday to pick up youth and adults for church services. An A/C unit and new furnace were installed with the help of volunteer funds. The new furnace unit was much needed and volunteer funds were received within three months. Many projects around the church were completed by the men of the church.

Deacons Past and Present:

James Dance* Judgefield Green*

Booker T. Washington* Benjamin Starks*

James Hopkins* P. A. Thompson*

Lewis Washington* Kenneth Galimore

Winston Brock* Joseph Perkins

Ernest Holmes, Jr.* Karl Turner

Anthony Duncan

Trustees Past & Present:

Edward Williams* Isaiah Perkins

Isaiah Gentry James Hopkins*

Luther Perkins Karl Turner

Kenneth Galimore Robert Carter, Sr.

Lavell Perkins Carolyn Carter

Julie Turner Sheena Holmes

Anthony Duncan

Church Clerks Past and Present:

Mrs. Edvinia Holmes*………………………………….Served for 46 years

Sister Carolyn Carter……………………………………Served for 7 years

Sister Sheena Holmes………………………………….Served for 4 years

Sister Julie Turner…………………………………….….Served for 9 years

Present Officers:

Deacon Joseph Perkins (Emeritus) Deaconess Rosetta Lewis

Deacon Karl Turner Deaconess Edna M. Perkins

Deaconess Mae Lean Easterling Church Clerk, Julie Turner

Deacon Anthony Duncan Treasurer, Carolyn Carter

Deaconess Charity Duncan Deaconess Clara Jackson

*Denotes deceased

Contributed by Julie P. Turner


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