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History Quest Meets Right the Record with Zann Nelson, What is OCAAHS?

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

History Quest Meets Right the Record with Zann Nelson

What is OCAAHS? Interview with Rebecca Coleman, Darryle Crump and Bruce Monroe

Inquiring minds want to know. To answer that question Zann Nelson interviews the three presidents of the organization spanning its 22 years: Rebecca Coleman co-founder and longest serving president; Rev. Darryle Crump the immediate past-president for 6 years and James “Bruce” Monroe, III the current president.

Zann Nelson is a historian, researcher and writer. She is the president of History Quest and Right the Record and serves as Vice President of the Orange County African American Historical Society (OCAAHS). Under the umbrella of the Right the Record Project she will be conducting a series of interviews associated with OCAAHS and Juneteenth 2022.


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