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Eclipse Award Recipient 2021, Emily Winkey

Emily Winkey

A lifelong resident of Orange County, Emily comes from a family with a long history in the Gordonsville area. She is a proud parent of one son who is married and resides in Bowie Maryland with his wife and two daughters which Emily adores.

Emily received her education in the Orange County School system graduating from Orange County High School. She continued her education attending Piedmont Community College and Weave College in Kansas City, MO. She is a graduate of the Political Leaders at the University of Virginia and serve on its alumni board.

Emily is currently employed at the Walmart Distribution Center 7016 in Gordonsville, VA. she is a former employee of Liberty Fabrics in Gordonsville for over 20 years. With a vibrant work and family life she continues to maintain an active role in Orange County and the Gordonsville Community.

Always one to serve, Emily is a member of Union Baptist Church Gordonsville. She served as President of Orange County Branch NAACP; Library Board; Planning Commission; and presently is President of Woodberry Cemetery Association, and the First African American Women elected Vice Mayor of Gordonsville Town Council serving her fourth term.

Emily believers in keeping her eye on the prize continuing personal involvement to make our communities a better place to live for all people.


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